Our Take on the Juice Cleanse Market

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Cleanse New

We are always seeking new ways to innovate and help our clients to fill strategic gaps in the market. One of the ways we work to position our customers for success is by performing data analysis on industry trends, and then preparing customer-ready concepts that our clients can easily make their own.

Our most recent finished product concept is a juice cleanse line. Cleanses are booming in popularity and we believe the demand is only growing in this exciting functional beverage category.

However, if you look at the current offerings on the market, you’ll notice a majority of the available cleanses are prohibitively expensive for the average consumer and require heavy refrigeration.

Our take on the cleanse trend is a super premium shelf-stable juice cleanse targeted at trend-savvy shoppers interested in an affordable, accessible way to try a cleanse.  Our R&D team has created a healthy, refreshing juice that combines fresh fruit purees and functional actives known to have targeted benefits. A reasonably priced alternative to competitors products, this cleanse is premium in quality while still being economical to produce, creating opportunities for an attractive profit margin.

With our full service capabilities, we are able to do all the work for you. This product has been formulated, prototyped, and flavored in-house, and is ready to be produced. We’ve designed the branding and packaging to be fresh, easy to understand, and attractive in a crowded market. Be a part of this booming cleanse trend, and add a product line to your brand that will jump off the shelf!