Why Plastic Bottles? Our Take on the Age-Old Packaging Debate

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The switch from glass to plastic packaging has become an increasingly popular choice for premium beverage companies everywhere, as this small decision can yield measurable environmental benefits and substantial cost savings.

As a case study, one of our valued customers, a successful distributor of ultra-premium beverages, was able to reduce secondary packaging and markedly improve the recyclability of bottles by switching from glass to plastic.

Gina Angie, a packaging design specialist, describes the environmental impact of the switch as follows: “According to a lifecycle analysis based in part on the Walmart packaging scorecard model, the transition to PET also yielded a 34% reduction in energy use and 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions- even before freight savings- with a savings of 57 million pounds in annual materials and 2,039 metric tons in annual CO2 emissions”.

Not only was this company able to increase the sustainability of their business model, which is important to consumers, but they were able to reduce their own costs. Plastic bottles are less expensive to buy, less expensive to ship, and less prone to breakage. The simple switch to plastic can reduce bottle weight by up to 85%. It has been estimated that company is saving $1 million annually in cost of goods, freight, secondary packaging, and breakage.

With custom bottle blowing technology and premium plastic options available, it is possible to recreate the look and shape of glass bottles, while capitalizing on all the business and environmental benefits of plastic.

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