Expanding Flavor Opportunities

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Expanding Flavor Samples

The newest addition to our expanding portfolio of offerings is flavors. We know how much flavor means to the success of any product on the market today, and we want your beverage to have a taste that will excite you and your customers.

Our team of certified flavor chemists is here to help. Based on your input, our flavor chemists work to create an innovative favor, duplicate a desirable flavor, or modify your current flavor according to your specifications. We invite you to join us for a collaboration day at our flavor facility, so we can work together to create a tailored solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Knowing the market is important in any industry, so we regularly research and analyze flavor trends to be the best possible resource to you. Below, market analyst Max Maxwell discusses top beverage flavors over the past two years and two decades.

"Let's look at the top ten flavors in Juices, Fruit Smoothies and Functional Drinks based on product introductions from Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics database.

In the past two years apple and orange juices have the top two juices flavors while strawberry and banana are the favorite Fruit Smoothie flavors and berry and pomegranate lead the Functional Drink category. Cranberry and grape are the third and fourth flavors with the most new product introductions in the juice category and neither flavor is in the top ten in either of the other categories. Lemon, lime and vanilla rank in the top ten for functional drinks but are absent from either juice or fruit smoothies top ten. Chocolate does not make the top ten for any of these beverage categories over the past two years.

Chocolate does appear as the fifth most popular flavor for product introductions since 1980 for Functional Drinks. Orange dived from the post popular Functional Drink flavor to the seventh most popular. Pomegranate has moved from the third most popular juice flavor since 1980 to eighth most popular flavor and the seventh most popular Fruit Smoothie flavor out of the top ten. Yet pomegranate also has become the second most popular Functional Drink flavor in introductions since 2012 with no ranking since 1980. Acai also appears for the first time in juice introductions since 2012.

Apple and orange juices have the top two juices flavors since 1980. Cranberry juice has made the most change moving to the third position with peach and blueberry being replaced by fruit punch and pineapple in the top ten flavor ranking.

Strawberry and banana have remained the top two fruit smoothie flavors since 1980. Berry, blueberry, peach, acai, and pineapple have all moved higher on the top ten flavor list with acai and pineapple replacing pomegranate and apple.

Pomegranate, mango, raspberry and blueberry all appear in the top ten list for Functional Drinks product introductions since 2012 but were absent from the list going back to 1980. These flavors replaced chocolate, citrus, grape and fruit punch. Functional Drinks include energy drinks, sports drinks and nutraceutical beverages.

The biggest trend that stands out to me is that there is more consistency than change in the flavor world. There are opportunities for flavors to move from one category to another, but the same flavors tend to rule in each category. There seems to be more room for movement in Functional Drinks than anywhere else. Chocolate and vanilla dominate in sports nutrition and protein beverages, but there has been very little movement of those flavors into smoothies and Functional Drinks. Another notable trend is that pomegranate juice has been in fewer introductions of juices and smoothies and more introductions of functional drinks. With the flavor world, it is best to consistently observe trends in order to draw appropriate conclusions."