3D Distortion Technology for Optimal Packaging

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As part of our Innovations series, we will showcase some exciting technology offered by suppliers we partner with. The first feature in this series is by Zion Packaging, a company that produces high quality shrink sleeves for many of our customers.

“At Zion Packaging we have made great strides in 3D distortion software, which we use to model our sleeves, labels and pouches. Our innovative 3D software offers distinct advantages by providing fast and accurate pre-distortion of packaging elements and helping our customers conceptualize their packaging design.

Previously, we would manually calculate the shrink characteristics of a bottle by hand. With the help of our specialized software, we can generate a 3D model directly with information from the bottle manufacturer.

One of the most difficult parts of packaging design is visualizing how the finished product is going to look. Whether the object at hand is a sleeve shrinking around a bottle, a bag getting filled or a candy bar getting wrapped, final packaging is always different than the flat artwork. Sometimes text is too low on a bottle or wraps too far out of view, among a host of other potential problems. At Zion Packaging, our prepress team is able to quickly provide 3D mockups to our customers and their artists, so that they can accurately visualized their final product. Apart from helping to sell the packaging design our 3D software also helps us plan how to distort artwork.

Correctly distorting the artwork on a design is a critical step in creating the perfect sleeve. Shrink sleeves are applied as a tube to a bottle before going through a steam tunnel where they are shrunk to the bottle. As the sleeve conforms to the bottle the artwork will compress and distort. The software we use allows us to quickly expand artwork so that when it compresses it looks correct.

At Zion Packaging, we strive to give the highest level of service to our customers by investing in the best industry tools available. Whether you are a fledgling startup who needs mockups to present their brand or an established company who wants to reinvent their packaging, we provide the modern technology and responsive support that will facilitate your success.”